Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ideas for small bathroom design from Oliver Rohde

Choose Light Surfaces

This toilet evokes serenity with bright whites and hardly-there grey walls. Shimmering mosaic floor tiles put in a touch of glamor to the space that is calming.

Draw the Eye Upward

Play up the ceiling or add eye-catching details high on the wall to visually heighten a small space.

Show Off Details and Craftsmanship

In a room that is little, every detail gets seen, so give attention to luxurious features and quality craftsmanship. This stylish vanity is infused with enchanting details on the vanity doors, and the paneling and picture ledge of the room. A marble countertop and shimmering vintage -inspired hardware add a sense of luxury.

Stretch the Storage

Look up if the tiny footprint of a toilet is maxed out. Make use of wall shelf that is recessed or a shallow without eating up precious floor space, to give storage. In this small toilet, an open dressing table -- selected to keep the space light -- demanded careful storage preparation. A ledge along one wall offers screen space for pretty soaps and ornamental things. Over the ledge, a shelving unit shows storage containers that are miniature hand towels, and other bathroom essentials.

Store with Style

Storage has two choices: on display or put away. A small bath has really little room for error in regards to clutter, so making purposeful choices is vital. Here, soaps and bath towels neatly folded in dishes that were white.

Maximize Natural Light

Optimize the perceived size of a little bathroom by visually sharing space from the outdoors with the inside. Here, a big window provides access to amazing, private views. Two large mirrors hung on opposite walls reflect the view that is outside and help the small bath feel open and airy.

Add Little Luxuries

A bathroom needs to be purposeful. But no matter the size, there's always room for special touches to generate character and joy. This little toilet loves plentiful storage, thanks to built in cabinetry along with a recessed wall recess (not revealed). Here, a little bench located next to the shower lends convenient stow-away space for soaps and towels along with a spot to take a seat.

Bathtub glass doors

Use a Large Mirror

By creating the delusion of more space a space expands. Here, a large mirror over the dressing table reflects the wall opposite, making the bathroom look. The delusion is helped by leaving the mirror frameless also.

Create Drama

Simply because a toilet is small does not mean it needs to be clear. Play with colors as well as textures for immediate impact. This tiny powder room benefits from streamlined storage and a neutral color scheme. The tiled flooring, featuring stones of varying sizes as well as colours, adds unique texture underfoot.

Streamlined Style

Make the most of a room that is tiny by streamlining: Create long, interrupted lines to elongate the space. This bathroom could be narrow but it is certainly big on design. Part of its appeal comes in the clean lines of the double console sinks and dressing tables that are open. With little countertop area, there is less chance to make jumble, or so the room is more prone to remain neat and tidy.

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